The Moth

12 Jan

My horrid commute to work has inspired an obsession with a little something called: The Moth. Available via iTunes, this free podcast is the only thing keeping me sane day in and day out as I slowly inch my way East, then West, down the dreaded 10.

I first discovered The Moth while listening to another sanity-keeper, This American Life (yes I kneel to the talk radio, free podcast Gods, a-thank you very much). However, The Moth is like This American Life with a shorter attention span. Dedicated to the art of storytelling, each episode of The Moth is short, never longer than 15 minutes, and is just one person, telling one story…. The catch?  No cue cards, no notes, just storytelling at its finest. The stories range from hilarious, to tragic, inspirational, and everything in between.

Lucky for the Angeleno, The Moth hosts a number of local events throughout the year so you can experience the storytelling live and in person. The next storytelling event? January 19th at El Cid in Silverlake. Count me in!

Check out the Event Calendar for more info.


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