Rihanna + Justin Timberlake | Rehab

23 Jan

This video isn’t exactly new. Like, at all. But my last post, the Justin and Madonna collabo that was mostly Madonna, got me thinking about it again. First off- JT had nothing to do with the original song- Rehab, and it seems they only added a couple JT ‘uh, uh give me that’ ‘ s  for the video.

Second- the video is pretty ridiculous and really just alternates between shots of Rihanna rubbing up against a car and JT looking either menacing or smoldering, and at times- a bizarre combination of both.

I find Justin’s presence in this video perplexing. Like. He’s only there to take off his shirt, and strike a pose on the hood of a car, while Rihanna does her thing. How often are men used solely for this purpose? Very rarely. Women play this part all the time- with hoards of nameless, and often faceless, women routinely featured in music vids…

So this just caught me off guard. Male as sex object. As eye candy. As smoldering, pouty, and sexualized. As just something to look at. Rihanna pretty clearly dominates him at times. I mean- the guy peels off his leather jacket and then proceeds to take an outdoor shower in his black wifebeater. Like, seriously? So I dunno- is this just a testament to JT’s appeal and status as  sex symbol, or is there more to it? And maybe I need to stop thinking so much about a Rihanna and Justin Timberlake video.

Just sayin’


One Response to “Rihanna + Justin Timberlake | Rehab”

  1. Sara Christine January 23, 2010 at 1:36 am #


    He looks so creepy when he starts singing behind her. And it’s about time J.Tim got himself objectified.

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