South by Southwest | Tanlines

31 Mar

So. SXSW was crazy, obviously. Lots of music. Too much music. On Saturday night I ended up at the Paradise Cafe on the ever chaotic 6th street for the Canadian Showcase. With no ties or loyalties to Canada, don’t ask why we ended up there. Turns out it was the best decision we made all weekend.

Enter: Tanlines, the electronic/pop/ dance party explosion out of Brooklyn (they claimed to have married Canadian, thus their inclusion in its showcase).

In desperate need of my second wind at the end of a crazy week and even crazier weekend… Tanlines absolutely did the trick. My mood went from 0 to 100 in 2 minutes flat- from dreaming about getting home to sleep in my own bed to full on crazy dance party. After about a 20-30 minute set I left wanting more, convinced I could have listened to them all night. So give  them a listen, then download their EP, Settings, as soon as possible. Definite summer time music.

Tanlines: Real Life


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