PBR Art | Los Angeles Beer Fest 2010

11 Apr

The Verdict? A Success!

Yesterday’s LA Beer Fest was preeeetty fantastic. Went off without a hitch… aside from some mismanagement prior to getting into the venue. I.E: complete chaos waiting in ‘line’ to get our wrist-bands and 4 oz sampler mugs- you literally could have just said anyone’s name and been given a wristband, they weren’t even checking IDs…

Once inside Sony Studios, however, it was immediately apparent that everything was going to be alriiiight. Tons of people, food trucks, and beer vendors ready to pour!

Oh- and most importantly, I am now the proud owner of some awesome PBR Art. The PBR tent was handing out some great swag including posters with various PBR art prints.

Right onnn.


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