California Things

22 Sep

I have an album on Facebook called ‘California Things.’ I started it when I moved down here in June 2009 and I have posted photos to it here and there ever since. It’s a really fun album for me to go through- and the lame scrapbooker in me is now going to force you to go through it too!

So, in chronological order,

My Life:

Made the move to Pacific St.,

Went camping in Santa Barbara,

Saw Bon Iver at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery at sunrise,

Spent a lot of time on Venice Beach,

Got my first job and worked DTLA in the LA Times building,

Then, of course, had my torrid love affair with Ryan Gosling

Went to Disneyland during the Christmas season and acted like a child,

Then I met this guy and we went to  Santa Barbara. I was really sick and he made me go on a hike,

Then Newport Beach

And San Diego

My family visited once or twice,

I moved,

And celebrated another birthday,

The End.

You can see more photos on my Etsy Shop


One Response to “California Things”

  1. Daddyo September 22, 2010 at 3:59 am #

    And everyone lived happily ever after.

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