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Happy Halloween

18 Oct

Carved pumpkins last night, while listening to Dead Man’s Bones, of course.  The one on the right is mine and looks WAY more distressed than I anticipated.

Happy Halloween!


Aaron Sorkin | The Social Network | Misogyny

15 Oct

Aaron Sorkin, the man behind ‘The Social Network,’ commented on a blog.  Rather, he commented in response to another person’s comment. It kind of rocked.

The original comment,

‘I also loved The Social Network, except for one thing– the lack of a decent portrayal of women. With the exception of 1 or 2 of them (Rashida Jones included), they were basically sex objects/stupid groupies. Even what you say here:
Jesse Eisenberg is what Michael Cera aspires to be. Justin Timberlake continues to be the most talented STAR SEARCH winner ever, And Rashida Jones is just great to look at.

… kinda makes me think that Aaron Sorkin (though I love his writing) failed the women in this script. Kind of a shame considering he’s written great women characters like C.J. Cregg!’

And, below, Aaron Sorkin’s thoughtful and elequently worded reply and defense:

‘Tarazza–believe me, I get it. It’s not hard to understand how bright women could be appalled by what they saw in the movie but you have to understand that that was the very specific world I was writing about. Women are both prizes and equals. Mark’s blogging that we hear in voiceover as he drinks, hacks, creates Facemash and dreams of the kind of party he’s sure he’s missing, came directly from Mark’s blog. With the exception of doing some cuts and tightening (and I can promise you that nothing that I cut would have changed your perception of the people or the trajectory of the story by even an inch) I used Mark’s blog verbatim. Mark said, “Erica Albright’s a bitch” (Erica isn’t her real name–I changed three names in the movie when there was no need to embarrass anyone further), “Do you think that’s because all B.U. girls are bitches?” Facebook was born during a night of incredible misogyny. The idea of comparing women to farm animals, and then to each other, based on their looks and then publicly ranking them. It was a revenge stunt, aimed first at the woman who’d most recently broke his heart (who should get some kind of medal for not breaking his head) and then at the entire female population of Harvard.

More generally, I was writing about a very angry and deeply misogynistic group of people. These aren’t the cuddly nerds we made movies about in the 80’s. They’re very angry that the cheerleader still wants to go out with the quarterback instead of the men (boys) who are running the universe right now. The women they surround themselves with aren’t women who challenge them (and frankly, no woman who could challenge them would be interested in being anywhere near them.)

And this very disturbing attitude toward women isn’t just confined to the guys who can’t get dates.

I didn’t invent the “F–k Truck”, it’s real–and the men (boys) at the final clubs think it’s what they deserve for being who they are. (It’s only fair to note that the women–bussed in from other schools for the “hot” parties, wait on line to get on that bus without anyone pointing guns at their heads.)

These women–whether it’s the girls who are happy to take their clothes off and dance for the boys or Eduardo’s psycho-girlfriend are real. I mean REALLY real. (In the case of Christy, Eduardo’s girlfriend so beautifully played by Brenda Song, I conflated two characters–again I hope you’ll trust me that doing that did nothing to alter our take on the events. Christy was the second of three characters whose name I changed.)

I invented two characters–one was Rashida Jones’s “Marylin”, the youngest lawyer on the team and a far cry from the other women we see in the movie. She’s plainly serious, competent and, when asked, has no problem speaking the truth as she sees it to Mark. The other was Gretchen, Eduardo’s lawyer (in reality there was a large team of litigators who all took turns deposing witnesses but I wanted us to become familiar with just one person–a woman, who, again, is nobody’s trophy.

And Rooney Mara’s Erica is a class act.

I wish I could go door to door and make this explanation/apology to any woman offended by the things you’ve pointed out but obviously that’s unrealistic so I thought the least I could do was speak directly to you.

Ken–Thanks for your really nice words and for giving me a chance to apologize again for my remarks back in 2005. Obviously a star writer on one of the best comedies of all time doesn’t need to prove his credentials as a “real” comedy writer.

Aaron Sorkin’

Bravo Mr. Sorkin, bravo.

Doughboys Cafe & Bakery

10 Oct

Ventured out of Santa Monica today. Yep. All the way to West Hollywood! Breakfast’d at Doughboys Cafe & Bakery. Pretty tasty. There was a bit of a wait but it was worth it. Somehow ended up with the best seat in the house. The portions are comical… absolutely enormous+ I noticed just about everyone finished their meal with a baked good of some kind. Apparently the Red Velvet cake is the best around. Might be worth making a second visit…



Blue Valentine

10 Oct

A trailer, finally! Word is it will be out in theatres in December.

This trailer hurts my heart.

Blue Valentine:

aghhhhhh. love.

California Things

22 Sep

I have an album on Facebook called ‘California Things.’ I started it when I moved down here in June 2009 and I have posted photos to it here and there ever since. It’s a really fun album for me to go through- and the lame scrapbooker in me is now going to force you to go through it too!

So, in chronological order,

My Life:

Made the move to Pacific St.,

Went camping in Santa Barbara,

Saw Bon Iver at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery at sunrise,

Spent a lot of time on Venice Beach,

Got my first job and worked DTLA in the LA Times building,

Then, of course, had my torrid love affair with Ryan Gosling

Went to Disneyland during the Christmas season and acted like a child,

Then I met this guy and we went to  Santa Barbara. I was really sick and he made me go on a hike,

Then Newport Beach

And San Diego

My family visited once or twice,

I moved,

And celebrated another birthday,

The End.

You can see more photos on my Etsy Shop

Thyme Cafe & Market

17 Sep


Will be going here for birthday breakfast on Saturday!

Thyme Cafe & Market

1630 Ocean Park Blvd.   •   Santa Monica  

Looks pretty tasty.

Malibu Wines

15 Sep

In… 4 days… I am going to be 24 years OLD. Me and a few of my friends will be spending the afternoon wine tasting in Malibu at Malibu Wines!

I have never been but it sounds pretty great. Live music, good wine and great weather (forecast says 72 degrees!). Not a bad way to celebrate 🙂

Bottoms up!