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Reba McEntire | If I Were a Boy [Beyonce Cover]

11 Nov

Kind of obsessed with this cover.

Reba McEntire covers Beyonce’s ‘If I Were a Boy.’

The result? A  pretty mellow, this-song-should-obviously-be-a-country-song, song.



Happy Halloween

18 Oct

Carved pumpkins last night, while listening to Dead Man’s Bones, of course.  The one on the right is mine and looks WAY more distressed than I anticipated.

Happy Halloween!

Dolly Parton v. Jay Z | Jolene

10 Oct

I love this.

Dolly Parton vs. Jay Z | Jolene

Drake | I Get Lonely Too

10 Oct

I loved it when TLC did it in 1999. And I love that Drake is covering it in 2010. When I listened to this for the first time I realized I knew all the lyrics but had no idea why. Google fixed that. TLC used to be my jaaam. Anyway, Drake basically lifts the entire song here but I still dig it. It’s like an homage to my youth.

Drake | I Get Lonely Too

RIP, Left Eye.

Malibu Wines

15 Sep

In… 4 days… I am going to be 24 years OLD. Me and a few of my friends will be spending the afternoon wine tasting in Malibu at Malibu Wines!

I have never been but it sounds pretty great. Live music, good wine and great weather (forecast says 72 degrees!). Not a bad way to celebrate 🙂

Bottoms up!


Florence & The Machine- Heavy In Your Arms

14 Sep

Just in time for Halloween. I love this song and the video is kinda freaky. Don’t watch it alone.

Florence & The Machine- Heavy In Your Arms:

MTV Video Music Awards- Usher

13 Sep

While I’m not actually watching the VMA’s (new place = no cable yet) we can all thank the internet for at least allowing me to catch the highlights. AKA the performances. Making my way through it now.

Anyway. Usher killed it.

Cool & now it’s not letting me embed. So click here!