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Drake | I Get Lonely Too

10 Oct

I loved it when TLC did it in 1999. And I love that Drake is covering it in 2010. When I listened to this for the first time I realized I knew all the lyrics but had no idea why. Google fixed that. TLC used to be my jaaam. Anyway, Drake basically lifts the entire song here but I still dig it. It’s like an homage to my youth.

Drake | I Get Lonely Too

RIP, Left Eye.


Drake | Over

12 Apr

Visuals for Drake’s ‘Over.’ I like the song, but man, Drake always looks waaay too aware that he’s in a music video. Like, trying a little too hard.. Oh well, Enjoy:

(oops just realized this isn’t Coachella related. Sorry…)

Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake | Grammy Performance

1 Feb

I guess the one good thing about watching the Grammys on the west coast is we didn’t have to deal with CBS’ preemptive censoring… I watched a version of this performance that the east coast must’ve seen, and it was awful- like hitting the mute button for 3 seconds at a time when they anticipated some foul language. Bad.

Anyway, the reason I stayed up and ended up watching all 3.5 hours of the Grammys….