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Doughboys Cafe & Bakery

10 Oct

Ventured out of Santa Monica today. Yep. All the way to West Hollywood! Breakfast’d at Doughboys Cafe & Bakery. Pretty tasty. There was a bit of a wait but it was worth it. Somehow ended up with the best seat in the house. The portions are comical… absolutely enormous+ I noticed just about everyone finished their meal with a baked good of some kind. Apparently the Red Velvet cake is the best around. Might be worth making a second visit…




California Things

22 Sep

I have an album on Facebook called ‘California Things.’ I started it when I moved down here in June 2009 and I have posted photos to it here and there ever since. It’s a really fun album for me to go through- and the lame scrapbooker in me is now going to force you to go through it too!

So, in chronological order,

My Life:

Made the move to Pacific St.,

Went camping in Santa Barbara,

Saw Bon Iver at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery at sunrise,

Spent a lot of time on Venice Beach,

Got my first job and worked DTLA in the LA Times building,

Then, of course, had my torrid love affair with Ryan Gosling

Went to Disneyland during the Christmas season and acted like a child,

Then I met this guy and we went to  Santa Barbara. I was really sick and he made me go on a hike,

Then Newport Beach

And San Diego

My family visited once or twice,

I moved,

And celebrated another birthday,

The End.

You can see more photos on my Etsy Shop

Thyme Cafe & Market

17 Sep


Will be going here for birthday breakfast on Saturday!

Thyme Cafe & Market

1630 Ocean Park Blvd.   •   Santa Monica  

Looks pretty tasty.

Paper Source- Santa Monica, CA

15 Sep

A Paper Source just opened a block from my apartment. I am probably way too excited about this.

Let’s just say I will now be embossing just about anything I can get my hands on.

And spending a lot of money.

On paper.


Texas Forever

15 Jul

I’m in Austin, TX for the next two days for work. Awesome city. Already had some amazing BBQ at Lamberts Downtown Barbecue. Very hip. Austin reminds me of Seattle & the cool parts of LA.

Texas Forever!

PBR Art | Los Angeles Beer Fest 2010

11 Apr

The Verdict? A Success!

Yesterday’s LA Beer Fest was preeeetty fantastic. Went off without a hitch… aside from some mismanagement prior to getting into the venue. I.E: complete chaos waiting in ‘line’ to get our wrist-bands and 4 oz sampler mugs- you literally could have just said anyone’s name and been given a wristband, they weren’t even checking IDs…

Once inside Sony Studios, however, it was immediately apparent that everything was going to be alriiiight. Tons of people, food trucks, and beer vendors ready to pour!

Oh- and most importantly, I am now the proud owner of some awesome PBR Art. The PBR tent was handing out some great swag including posters with various PBR art prints.

Right onnn.


9 Apr

As a side note- I’m getting SO excited for Coachella.

What’s left to say?

7 DAYS! ! !