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Florence & The Machine- Heavy In Your Arms

14 Sep

Just in time for Halloween. I love this song and the video is kinda freaky. Don’t watch it alone.

Florence & The Machine- Heavy In Your Arms:


Cee Lo- F*ck You

30 Aug

This song brings me so much joy.

Lupe Fiasco | I’m Beamin’ *Video!*

28 Apr

I’ve just now developed a huge crush on Lupe Fiasco. Just this very second.

See why:

Lil Wayne | I’m Single

19 Apr

Back from Coachella. Alive and everything. Give me some time to process the weekend and I’ll get to posting about it. In the meantime, a new video from Lil Wayne. I was secretly hoping they’d let Wayne outta jail for a night to perform with Jay Z- or something. It would have been the ultimate Coachella miracle.

Anyway- vid mostly taken from documentary footage. For some reason watching him sing along to the track in the studio is endlessly entertaining.

I dig the song, too.

Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi | Tightrope

15 Apr

Okay this is pretty funky. And maybe I’m missing something but… does anyone else think her head looks like it was was super-imposed on…? Like during the dance sequences… WTF.

Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi | Tightrope

Snoop Dogg ft. Kid Cudi | That Tree (music video!)

13 Apr

This is just silly…

Drake | Over

12 Apr

Visuals for Drake’s ‘Over.’ I like the song, but man, Drake always looks waaay too aware that he’s in a music video. Like, trying a little too hard.. Oh well, Enjoy:

(oops just realized this isn’t Coachella related. Sorry…)