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Dolly Parton v. Jay Z | Jolene

10 Oct

I love this.

Dolly Parton vs. Jay Z | Jolene


MTV Video Music Awards- Usher

13 Sep

While I’m not actually watching the VMA’s (new place = no cable yet) we can all thank the internet for at least allowing me to catch the highlights. AKA the performances. Making my way through it now.

Anyway. Usher killed it.

Cool & now it’s not letting me embed. So click here!


30 Aug

This song is enough to make me start blogging again.

Kanye. Bon Iver. Jay Z. Rick Ross. Nicki Minaj.

There’s not much more to say.


Sage Francis | Best of Times

7 May

Add him to the list of artists I’ve heard of and am just now getting around to checking out.

Sage Francis.

The dude is interesting.

His new album, Li(f)e, is out May 11th.

This one is a definite stand-out.

Give it a listen:

Sage Francis | Best of Times

technology/ made it easy for us to stay in touch/

while keepin a distance/ til we just stay distant/ and never touch/

now all we do is text too much.


Grynch | My Volvo

22 Apr

It doesn’t get much more Northwest than this, my friends.

206 rapper, Grynch, rappin about his Volvo.

Hell yeah.

Tank on empty / whippin my momma volvo

Love the Macklemore cameo.

Lil Wayne | I’m Single

19 Apr

Back from Coachella. Alive and everything. Give me some time to process the weekend and I’ll get to posting about it. In the meantime, a new video from Lil Wayne. I was secretly hoping they’d let Wayne outta jail for a night to perform with Jay Z- or something. It would have been the ultimate Coachella miracle.

Anyway- vid mostly taken from documentary footage. For some reason watching him sing along to the track in the studio is endlessly entertaining.

I dig the song, too.

Gifs of Popular Rappers

9 Apr

Ok. I’ve found my new favorite website/ website most likely to give me a seizure.

Gifs of Popular Rappers

Go to the site. It’s just really ridiculous.

Happy Friday 🙂